Press Release

August 2022: Construction for client of a 3 bedroom villa in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
Installing of Ceramic Floor Tiles & Waterproofing of Roof

Overview:  Installation of high-quality ceramic floor tiles on concrete, and waterproofing of roof for protection against severe weather conditions.

Date: December 2022

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Drilling of Well & Rubble Debris removal

Overview: Drilling of residential well opening (borehole), together with post-construction cleaning of rubble and debris from the construction site.

Date: November 2022

Pouring of Concrete Foundation

Overview: Foundation being poured with steel mesh reinforced foundation walls and footings made of poured concrete.

Date: October 2022

Prepping of Land Foundation

Overview: Prepping of land for foundation building with footings dug, rebar set, compacting, inspection, footings poured.

Date: September 2022

Breaking Ground

Overview: Ground breaking, excavation. Grading the lot and getting it tested for compacting and digging trenches for footings.

Date: August 2022